A nice collection of maps, showing the continuing differenes between the two Germanies, related there is a new paper showing the socialist system in the GDR might have reduced the gender gap in mathematics.

How smart should the President be. I am mildly sceptical of how far we can really research this topic, given the small sample size and bad data quality, but this is a good roundup of what we know.

Natural Selection in Our Species over the last two millenia  great summary of a recent study in science, exploring selection-driven variation in the human genome over the last 2000 years.

Javier Marias is one of the great authors of our time and this is a good interview with him.

We have a new record for “oldest two-faced calf” .

Favourite Podcast Episodes November 2015

Here is a quick rundown of my favourites among the podcast episodes I listened to in November.

Bloomberg’s Tracy Alloway and Joe Weisenthal have a new finance podcast “Odd Lots” which is off to a promsing start. I liked the last episode with @guan (or as people who prefer the “real reality” might say: Guan Yang). He discussed hedge funds engaging in “reverse patent trolling” of pharmaceutical companies.

“Meet the Composer”, kept up its incredibly high  quality and introduced Icelandic composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir in  Season 2’s penultimate episode. Discussions about what makes Icelandic music special easily fall into clichés, so this was a tough act to pull off and it was well done.

The Freakonomics podcast had a good episode on the currently controversial subject of Early Childhood Education.

Radiolab had two truly outstanding episodes this month. One about an unlikely pairing of researchers making headways against antibiotic resistance and one about surrogate motherhood.
If I missed any of your favourite podcast episodes of the month feel free to leave them in the comments.